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One of the most ironic aspects of Forex currency trading is that most people think they do not need assistance from a successful professional forex trader while learning to trade. Most people are fully aware that only about 10% of people that attempt trading end up becoming professionals, the other 90% either quit or spend years of grueling trial and error before they figure it out or give up. The irony here is that most people are fully aware of these statistics, at least in the back of their mind, yet few of them are willing to seek the help of a professional trader or trading mentor.

If trading is so difficult and most everyone knows it, then why are so few traders willing to accept help from someone who has already figured out what it takes to become successful? The simple answer is ego, arrogance, ignorance, any or all of the above. The bottom line however, is that ego and arrogance mean nothing to the market. In fact, being arrogant will only hurt you as a trader; the very fact that some people are unwilling to accept help from a professional trader is probably the very reason why they will fail; an overflow of arrogance.

Now I am not claiming I have the “Holy-Grail” here to show you how to print money, but I can confidently say I have “Genuine Knowledge and Real World Trading Strategies” to teach my students, which will not only save them many years of “searching” for strategies, but if applied correctly will likely produce high-probability trades on a consistent basis.

The benefits of training with Elsero  

Training period

We do not believe that you can learn the market for 3-5 days and become profitable. Most of the courses on the Internet do not last more than 5 days and are expensive, do not believe these people. Even our express course is 2 weeks, and is cheap and available to all.  And of course, we support our students after the training, that is, it does not mean that after 2 weeks we stop learning.


Our trading method is very effective and easy to use, it does not take much time and is suitable for everyone, whether you are a student or employee. The medium-term trade or swing trading allows you to earn more stable and have a lot of freedom that you can spend on vacation, or to spend with family and friends, unlike day trading.

The experience and results

Our experience since 2008 and results are confirmed by independent services. Take a look at the statistics and many questions will disappear. Do you want to earn thousands of dollars, join the team of professionals, otherwise you will stay with nothing. The market is ruthless and most likely you will lose.


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The price of success

Join the best in the business and work anywhere in the world

Express course


For traders who already have experience and knowledges but not profitable

2 weeks training

Free trading signals

Support after training

Works only with our broker partners

The chance to work with  investment

Full course


For beginners or minimum knowledges


2 months intensive coaching

Free trading signals

You become part of my team Elsero 

You can have an account with any broker

The chance to work with investment

You think everything will be so easy? 

No, we squeeze out all the juice out of you and you will feel the results within 60 days!


You can sit further behind the TV and watching movies. And social networks, scrolling instagram of famous and successful people

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High Risk Trading Warning: Contracts for Difference ("CFDs") are complex financial products and not suitable for all investors. CFDs, are leveraged products that mature when a Client choose to close an existing open position. By investing in CFDs, you assume a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all of your invested capital. Interest is not guaranteed.

The Client should not risk more than he/she is prepared to lose. Before deciding to trade, the Client should ensure that he/she understands these risks involved and take into account his/her level of experience. Learn from professionals how to decrease risks